ScholarShop Profiles: Ann


If you’ve shopped at ScholarShop – Webster Groves, you may have encountered volunteer Ann Houston. And if you’ve met Ann, believe me, you’d remember her. She is so full of energy that I can scarcely believe she’s ninety-one years old. It is no surprise that she recently became an Ageless Remarkable St. Louisan honoree.

Volunteer pals

Ann with volunteer friends Judy (l) and Karen (r) at the Ageless Remarkable St. Louisan gala.

What I find amazing about Ann (among other things) is that she has truly led a remarkable life, and you can tell she loves and appreciates the experiences in her life, but she doesn’t seem to think she is remarkable. When I asked her how she felt about receiving the Ageless Remarkable St. Louisan Award, she laughed and said, “Weird. Nothing like that ever happened to me before.” Well, I’m here to tell you she is remarkable. Here are a few of the words that pop into my mind when I think about Ann: spirited, quick-witted, humorous, positive, and smart.

How did we get so fortunate as to work with Ann? She told me she started volunteering at the Webster shop the first week it opened in October 2004. Ann had been singing and traveling all her life, in addition to working as an orthopedic assistant, and after she stopped working she needed something to occupy her while she kept up with some of her singing gigs. She spends much of her volunteer time at ScholarShop – Webster assisting a couple of her close volunteer friends with pricing and organizing jewelry donations, and while doing so, never stops sharing stories about her life. Ann has so much to say, and not just about her past experiences. She keeps herself extremely busy; in addition to spending time at the Webster shop, she helps care for babies at her granddaughter’s daycare center, and she sings with a group called Frank & Friends who travel to senior living centers to entertain the residents.

I could have easily listened to Ann talk all day. As it was, we went almost an hour over schedule because I completely lost track of time listening to her stories. If you want to learn a little more about Ann’s remarkable life, check out this article written about her in 2015:

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