Jean jacket

My Jacket, My Friend


Do you own a denim jacket? What? You don’t!? I can tell you from personal experience that life will be so much easier for you if you do. If you already possess this versatile piece, you can enjoy basking in the feeling of relief that you’ve added this staple to your wardrobe (because I know that’s foremost on your mind, not work, and school, and kids, and family and friends, and filling up your gas tank, and buying groceries, and trying to save up for that summer trip).

Let me tell you, I didn’t own a denim jacket until about two years ago, and now that I have one I don’t know what I did without it. Sounds dramatic, I know, but it’s made life ten times less difficult! I work full-time and I have three young children (when I say young, I mean they are all still in diapers). Each morning it’s like a marathon: start the coffee pot, get myself showered (usually- ewww) and dressed, put said children’s drinks and food in diaper bags and schlep it all out to the car before I get them out of bed, change diapers, change clothes, schlep them out to the car, secure them in car seats, make sure I let the dog back in, rush to the sitter’s house, rush to work, etc. You know the drill.

By the way, I seriously did not appreciate what it was like to get ready all by myself in the morning. Truly. If you get yourself and only yourself prepared for the day each morning, please…savor it. How can I stress this to you? I mean, every five minutes, reflect on the quiet, peaceful, unhurried luxury of readying yourself for the day. But if you’re running around with a “help me” look in your eyes, no makeup on, no shoes, maybe you showered, on a truly on-top-of-it day there are earrings on (and yes, these and more apply to me most mornings), you can at least know that almost any day, no matter what the weather, you can throw on a denim jacket and feel comfortable and look good. I don this bad boy over t-shirts, sweaters, dresses, blouses, you name it. It has multiple pockets so later in the day I can enjoy finding Mickey Mouse figurines, dirty tissues, and half-eaten cereal bars on my person. I can cuff up the sleeves a bit if I get warm or button them down when my arms are chilly.

Jean jacket

My loyal denim jacket.

I love my denim jacket. So much. It’s like an old, familiar, reliable friend to me. It looks good over all my resale (and non-resale) purchases. I enjoy mixing it up with different scarves, depending on the weather. And denim is always in. I mean, always. It’s worth adding this to your closet. Buy one and tell me that you’re not happier! And slightly less harried. Hey, I’ll take “slightly less” over “slightly more” any day!

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