At ScholarShop, our mission reaches far beyond fabulous clothes and accessories. In our upscale resale store, selling smart, affordable fashion creates something even smarter: funds for assistance programs that help students reach their higher education goals.

Since 1960, ScholarShop has been operated by The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis. The mission of the Foundation is to improve access to postsecondary education for students in our community who lack financial means.

Higher education helps good things happen. It can transform the lives of people and families, and improve the economic and civic health of societies. Through interest-free and fee-free loans and grants, plus guidance and planning assistance, the Foundation is working to make postsecondary education possible for everyone who can be successful, regardless of economic background.

Whether you’re a ScholarShop shopper, a former donor, or both, you play a role in supporting The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis’ mission. Donated clothes, accessories, and collectibles find new purpose when they’re purchased by new owners, while the dollars raised from those sales become additional funds for grants and loans to students. Learn more about or donate to The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis.

Learn more about the loans and grants offered through The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis that are made possible, in part, through ScholarShop sales.