At ScholarShop, investing in the future of your community is as easy as purchasing clothes, jewelry, accessories, and fine collectibles at our store. Your fabulous sense of style helps support The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis’ mission of improving higher education opportunities.

Right now, proceeds from ScholarShop are hard at work, financially supporting postsecondary students. Those students repay their interest-free student loans, and some become donors (one in six donors to the Foundation were once recipients of financial awards), so the benefits continue for future students. Foundation students can also work at ScholarShop to earn money for school and/or pay off their interest-free loans.

Through both financial aid and guidance, The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis supports students from high school through college and beyond.

There’s strength in numbers. And ours tell a powerful story:

  • 11,000 students have received assistance
  • $72,000,000 cumulative funds have been awarded for student loans
  • $28,000,000
 funds are currently in the hands of students
  • 86% Foundation-supported students complete postsecondary degrees (compared to 59% nationally)
  • 8,000 households and businesses have donated merchandise to ScholarShop annually
  • 5,000 community members benefit annually from Foundation programs