Thank you, St. Louis, for years of support, and a fabulous sense of style.

ScholarShop has closed, for good. And how much good it did, netting $28 million in revenues in 57 years of operation! Proceeds funded interest-free student loans, yet the closing of the shop does not mean the end of opportunities. ScholarShop existed for the purpose of doing good and it closes with nothing but good in its wake.

The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis has the last word on ScholarShop: GRATITUDE. Thank you to customers who shopped frequently, made resale trendy and spent generously to support the important mission of the Foundation. Thank you to the best team of volunteers ever, willing to do whatever was needed. Thank you to staff who took very seriously their purpose: raising money so students could pursue their dreams. Thank you to donors who gave generously and often became loyal customers as well. Thank you to St. Louis for supporting educational opportunity for students who lack financial resources. Thank you to Scholarship Foundation students, for proving the investment worthwhile.

The mission of The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis continues, for good.  To find out how you can continue to support educational opportunity, visit The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis’ website.